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le compte est bon

I am back from my vacations, I was at nice places in Switzerland like Rhone Glacier, underground lake of Saint-Leonard, Salt Mines of Bex, Rhine Waterfalls and more …

To keep up with the fun, here is a little quiz :

You have the numbers 1-3-4-6 and you need to achieve the number 24. The allowed operations are +, -, * and /

If I try to achieve 49 it is easy :

SQL> /
Enter value for n1: 1
old  14:      (SELECT &n1 n
new  14:      (SELECT 1 n
Enter value for n2: 3
old  17:       SELECT &n2 n
new  17:       SELECT 3 n
Enter value for n3: 4
old  20:       SELECT &n3 n
new  20:       SELECT 4 n
Enter value for n4: 6
old  23:       SELECT &n4 n
new  23:       SELECT 6 n
Enter value for result: 49
old 143:              ) = &result
new 143:              ) = 49


8 rows selected.

Elapsed: 00:00:11.28

But for 24 it is not that simple :-) at least for human !

Ok, in SQL I am using a plsql function to evaluate expression

   x   NUMBER;
   EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'begin :x := ' || expr || ';end;'
               USING OUT x;
   RETURN x;

I will post the rest of the code as a comment later ;)

New PC

I bought a new PC at Eastern. I have installed 100Gb partition for Linux and 100Gb for Windows. I tried Fedora Core 5 and OpenSuse 10.0, in 64bit mode.

I currently spend most of my “free” time to prepare the OCA Application Server certification, next friday (28th).

Tonight I borrowed a game from a friend : Unreal Tournament 2004. I haven’t play such a game since a long time, and I must say, I enjoyed it very much. I am just overtired now. The graphic is fast, it is easy to master (well, I played at the novice level) and it is something I would never recommend to my kids ! Just shooting everywhere …

Well, they are just too young now, but Dora is really mastering Memory Game and she can even write her name when she achieved a high score! Yesterday she had her fourth birthday.