track ddl change (part 2)

I wrote about tracking ddl changes with a trigger there : track ddl changes

Another option is to use auditing.

A new and cool alternative is to use enable_ddl_logging (11gR2). This will track all ddl’s in the alert log

ALTER SYSTEM SET enable_ddl_logging=TRUE

Then later you issue
create table t(x number)

and you see in the alertLSC01.log
Tue Apr 05 14:43:32 2011
create table t(x number)

Wait, that’s not really verbose !?

Remember the alert log is just there for backward compatibility, it is time you start looking in the xml file 🙂

create table t(x number)

There is not really much more there but the module, which indeed reveals someone is using TOAD to access my database !

11 thoughts on “track ddl change (part 2)

  1. Anonymous

    “which indeed reveals someone is using TOAD to access my database” – are you suggesting that using TOAD is wrong against database???

  2. Ebrahim

    So, please let us all know, what are, if any, are issues using Toad against a database? I have some DBAs talking about turning off access to clients using Toad, but I dont know what the reservations are?


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