Hey, we have a journeyman !

Congrats to Denes Kubicek for being the first journeyman on OTN.

OTN stars Justin and Nicolas (18954 and 15321 posts) do not get this title, as we Oracle Ace are sticked to our Ace logos. OTN upgraded the forums recently, many posts about this :

  • OTN Forums – Change the look and feel yourself
  • OTN Forums Update – Take Two
  • New OTN Forums – not great yet
  • OTN forums get a new look
  • OTN Forums Upgrade
  • Forums.oracle.comUpgrade: New Rewards System/Known Issues
  • In the last link, Justin explains the new ranking system. Aces are aces, and everyone else but Denes are newbies 😉

    Ow, I forget, they got smileys too

    Happy :)
    Sad :(
    Grin :D
    Love :x
    Mischief ;\
    Cool B-)
    Devil ]:)
    Silly :p
    Angry X-(
    Laugh :^0
    Wink ;)
    Blush :8}
    Cry :_|
    Confused ?:|
    Shocked :0
    Plain :|

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