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I just replaced the default wordpress comments by Disqus comments. Disqus enable you to track your comments add picture and other fancy staff.

I have been looking for such a plugin for a very long time (and was too foul to develop it myself).

The amazing bonus with Disqus is that you can post code! Your x<1 will be code in code, not a pseudo html tag annoying more than one of my fellow reader.

Feel free to test it on this post.

Thanks to Yas for making me discover this on : Oracle Today

I hope I will not have have to many issues with this new plugin! Feedback welcome

12 thoughts on “Disqus comments”

  1. Hello,
    You should really upgrade to at least WP 3.3, there are many vulnerabilities with the one you are using… :/
    Removing the WP version in your theme (header.php, @the line with

  2. :) :) :)

    I’m still a bit reluctant to upgrade my blog to 2.5, I’ve seen some people having trouble with permalinks in the WP forum, so I think I’ll wait a 2.5.1 of some kind :)

    Bonne continuation!

  3. test test test

    foo bar baz fooooo

    testing blockquotes testing

    text after blockquote
    fib = 1 : 1 : zipWith (+) fib (tail fib)

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