Xiangqi Schweizermeister 2007

I played the Chinese Chess Championship in Zurich today. It was a all-play-all tournament with Siegfried Huber (2nd with 1.5/3), Luca Rusconi (2nd with 1.5/3) and Beat Sprenger (4th with 0/3). I finished first with 3 wins out of 3 games.

It was an intense day, thanks to Beat for the organization and to Luca for providing the Trophy.

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Laurent Schneider

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15 thoughts on “Xiangqi Schweizermeister 2007”

  1. Congrats!

    I just looked on the wikipedia for Chinese Chess and… am quite impressed.

  2. Congratulations Laurent. At the Unconference Lutz Hartmann said that you are a genius. Obviously he was right.

  3. Wow! another (non-Chinese) oracle DBA who plays Xiangqi. Although it sounds like you are MUCH better at it than I.

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