What is wrong with this query?

---------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------
7788 SCOTT ANALYST 7566 13-JUL-87

It is a zero-space query 😎

You could write it as


personnaly, I would write it as

select *
from emp
where ename='SCOTT'
and deptno=20;

Formatting is very important, it makes your code nice to read and indentation make the blocks visualable.

Auto-formatting is also fine, but I like to decide myself if the line is too long, or if I want to have FROM and EMP on the same line.

Have a look at the free online SQL Formatter SQLinForm

11 thoughts on “select*from”EMP”where’SCOTT’=”ENAME”…

  1. Hector Gabriel Ulloa Ligarius

    Hi Laurent

    Nice post, but , who will write SQL of that way? a lot letters and spaces…

    I believe that no…

    Thank you again Laurent by yours nice and accurate post

    Hector Gabriel Ulloa Ligarius

  2. Jeffrey Kemp

    Not nearly as obfuscated as C code can get, I must say; when I read it initially I was unable to see what was “wrong” with the statement, thinking it was just a html formatting problem…

    I find auto-formatting better than hand-formatting because it maintains

  3. Laurent Schneider Post author

    well, it points out syntax error, but for which version? there are plenty of valid queries that are unaccepted because of advanced syntaxes like KEEP, VERSION, MODEL, PARTITION, IS A SET, etc…

  4. Sidhu

    No no, nothing that complex…I just typed some stupid text where orafaq formatter gave the syntax error but this one doesn’t like

    select * from emp where select * from dept


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  6. AketiJyuuzou

    On SQLPlus, I sometimes use
    select*from session_privs;
    select*from session_roles;

    We can omit Space 2 times 😎
    These are a little useful 😉

  7. jayaprakash

    select ename,deptno,sal from emp e
    where 2>(select count(m.sal) from emp m where e.deptno=m.deptno and e.sal<m.sal
    how can it execute the process kindly tell the answers…

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