bughouse tournament

I will be playing the The Geneva Bughouse Gathering 2006 tournament on Sat 19th August 2006. It is a variant of chess, very wild, played with four players in teams of two. The photo on my profile has been taken in the 2005 edition.

Author: Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

4 thoughts on “bughouse tournament”

  1. Hi Laurent,

    I am Vadim Bobrov, from FourthElephant.com. Thanks for your suggestion on oraqa about how to get the value of ORACLE_HOME, I wasnt’ aware of this. It appears we share some common interests :-). How about a game of chess?

  2. just subscribed, having looked at your blog :-), my nick is vadimbobrov. (also my email is vadimbobrov_at_gmail_dot_com). btw, I have also worked in Zuerich for a while, beautiful town. Hope I can still squeeze out a couple of words in Schweizer Tuetsch

  3. ok, I can play in the swiss evening, so maybe 22:00 swiss time which is, I think, 16:00 in NY !?
    my email is accessible from my profile, and is laurentschneider_at_yahoo_dot_com

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